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The high performance OEM replacement!

For more than 42 years, Propco has been involved in marine engineering, propeller design and boat manufacturing. During this time, Propco has actively promoted safer and better boating through several marine industry organizations. At Propco, we are dedicated to setting higher standards for the marine industry and increasing customer satisfaction.

The Propco Aluminum Quad-R-Jet is the propeller of champions, with a revolutionary new wheel form, Propco designed to achieve the ultimate in boat performance at a greatly reduced cost. It has taken president of Propco, Peter Dean, to 16 national championship titles.

With the Aluminum Quad-R-Propco engineers have reduced torque on the steering and the need for jackplates, staying a step ahead of the competition in the search of maximum performance efficiency. The Quad-R-Jet is made of lightweight, state-of-the art aluminum, and thus will not cause unnecessary wear on your engine's drive train. With all these remarkable features, plus lower RPM AND GREATER SPEED, THE Quad-R-Jet leaves all others in its wake.

But the greatest benefit of the aluminum Quad-R-Jet - and the top priority at Propco - is superior handling, providing for greater safety in the boating community as well as increased handling pleasure for the driver.

The engineers at Propco are proud to present to you the finest propeller on the market today. Once you have experienced the revolutionary action of the Quad-R-Jet, you'll agree Propco is indeed, the high performance breed.

PROPCO has patented a Reverse Hook Cup propeller for houseboats, pontoon boats, workboats and barges which gives up to 200% more reversibility, something those operators have been very excited about. This patented technology enables houseboat owners to turn more effectively, stop forward momentum and control their boat while in reverse.
 Customers tell us that the new propeller "literally takes the fear out of returning to the marina," and with this prop "the stern now will swing around and hold into the wind."

For 12 months from the date of purchase, every new Propco propeller is guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship, without exception or qualification. Although such defects are extremely rare, our rigid inspection system is designed to find the few that do exist. However, should you discover any defect whatsoever in your Propco propeller, return it immediately for replacement. (Freight on all warranty returns must be prepaid.)

Over the years, Propco propellers have satisfied some very noteworthy customers.


  • Propco propellers were chosen for exclusive use in the World Master Ski Tournament.
  • Propco built OEM Propellers for, OMC, Johnson & Evinrude.
  • While in Australia in the 1970s Propco sold propellers to Mercury Marine-Australia
  • The Coast Guard and the Department of Defense use and recommend Propco propellers.
  • Propco owner and president Peter Dean used Propco propellers in becoming 7-time 100 c.i. National Outboard Champion and 9-time Class I Offshore National Champion.

Most modern gearshift motors are subject to shock during shifting. To help prevent breakage, engine makers provide their propellers with built-in-shock-absorbing cushions in the hub. When Propco engineers make Propco replacement propellers, they work closely with manufacturers to meet - and often surpass - original equipment standards. When you purchase a Propco propeller, you not only get the leading propeller on the market, you also get virtually unbreakable cushion hubs and the strongest in the industry.

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